Original: Our original blend has a light clean scent with notes of sandalwood and lemongrass that will have your beard feeling soothed and hydrated. 

Sweet Mint: Sweet Mint is a cool, sweet scent with notes of bourbon and peppermint that will leave your beard feeling empowered and invigorated.

Sweet Sherbet: Sweet Sherbet has a sweet and creamy scent with notes of vanilla and bergamot made to have your beard feeling soft and nourished.

Santa's Workshop: Santa's Workshop has a refreshing minty and woodsy scent with notes of peppermint and cedarwood. You'll be feeling right alongside Santa in the North Pole!

Classic Muscle: Classic Muscle is an enticing scent with a combination of Texas cedarwood, sandalwood, bourbon, and bergamot. Great for both work and play!

Rude Oud: Rude Oud is a tantalizing scent with a top note of Oud and middle notes of Raspberry and Vanilla. A complex mixture of warm and sweet.